Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another South By

Another South By in the can.

The blur of ethanol, the madding crowd
The alienation of multitudes

Bad music lauded
Good music ignored
        Talked Over
                All to share
                        a banal insight
                        garnered from
                a mediocre talk
        more pitch than provocation
more aggrandizement than analysis
A failure
                of the wisdom of crowds

Or the occasional amazing transformative insight
        from someone who
                against all odds
                        came to share a passion
                        that the panel picker popularity spectrometer
                failed to suck dry
                        or perhaps who
                                at the last moment
                        filled in for a sick friend
                                or was pulled into a panel as an easy mark
                        to provide texture

And instead provided
           a point of view
                                  that for once


And whom should we find
        in the trenches
        of hormone warfare
        among the barricades
        of Sixth Street

        a friend

        from long ago

        whom we discover
        has been living
        for five years now
        two blocks away, in the mission,
        and walks her dog
                in Precita Park
                        like us
                impossibly, minutely out of phase

Then, in line at the Mohawk
        that same friend we saw
                two years ago at Stubb’s
        when we swore
                to spend more time together
                        back home in SF

And whom
                        we haven’t seen…

but once
        at a conference
                in Tokyo
                        on a panel, which we shared.

There is a reason
                we find our people
        at South By

I think it’s that Temporary Autonomous Zone
We create there

The Enterprise Edition of Burning Man
In a desert devoid of cabs
In the corporate gift economy
Of freely flowing booze and banners and branded USB keys
With huggable firefoxes and Curious George
        and the odd Xtra Normal cat

It’s the space find
        at the center of the maelstrom

The space we make
        In our lives

To be together

As people
        in an NDA Free Zone
                beyond companies and agendas

Where we set aside four days
        and the hard core come for 6
Just to be


Beyond our obligations
To brand and company